When it all bunches together …

The last few weeks have rushed by in something of a whirlwind. There were all those last minute fiddly tasks before sending books to print, sending out review copies, preparing the book launches, attending Philip S Davies’ launch of Destiny’s Rebel at the wonderful Blackwell’s in Oxford, rushing to Swanwick for the Christian Resources Together (CRT) Retreat (or Trade Show) where Books to Treasure had an exhibitors’ table, then finally a few days of well earned rest (is a holiday ever really a rest?) before getting back to the grindstone.

Philip’s launch went extremely well, and we received the news the following Monday that Destiny’s Rebel had hit the #1 spot for the week in the YA category. So exciting after just a couple of hours’ trading! And several weeks later it’s still showing as a ‘best seller’.


Display at Blackwell's Oxford

Display at Blackwell’s Oxford

The CRT retreat was busy and very productive. It was lovely to finally meet Eleanor Watkins, author of The Village, and a great opportunity to talk to other industry professionals, from publishers, booksellers right through to writers.

Adrianne Fitzpatrick and Eleanor Watkins

Adrianne Fitzpatrick and Eleanor Watkins

I was exhausted by the time I came home again, took a couple of days to tidy up and recover then headed for St Michael’s Mount for a very brief holiday …

St Michael's Mount, seen from the B&B window

St Michael’s Mount, seen from the B&B window

… and a few days to recover from my holiday, and now we’re back!

Copies of Ethel Talbot’s The New Girl at the Priory have been delivered and all pre-ordered copies have been posted. Order your copy here.

Next on our list is Nicky of the Lower Fourth, by Evelyn Smith, which will be published towards the end of November.

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