I apologise for not updating the news page for so long. Between working on the final year of my degree and continuing with independent publishing as well as commissioned projects, life has been rather hectic. I’ve also been trying to streamline the website to make it easier to find things.

Since my last update, we have seen the launch of Wendy H Jones’s The Dagger’s Curse in Dundee, Scotland, and she’s busy working on the second book in the series.




The Handsome Hardcastles




In the reprints, we’ve had E M Channon’s A Countess at School and Evelyn Smith’s The Little Betty Wilkinson come out late last year, and E M Channon’s The Handsome Hardcastles, one of her rarest titles, will be available by the end of next week.


Books for Kindle over the last few months include titles by Dorothea Moore, Raymond Jacberns, E M Channon, Evelyn Smith, Winifred Norling, E E Cowper, Ethel Talbot, Theodora Wilson Wilson, E L Haverfield and Bessie Marchant.






















Destiny’s Revenge, the sequel to Destiny’s Rebel, by Philip S Davies will be launched in June at Blackwell’s, Oxford (more details to follow), and we also have an as yet untitled sequel to Eleanor Watkins’ The Village, which we hope will be out later this year.

With several other books at various stages of editing, we have all been kept very busy.

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