Busy weeks

Last week I was busy finishing the last assignment of  my coursework for my degree. Only one final big essay to go, and I’m done. In the meantime I’ve been juggling projects:

The Discovery of Kate



The Discovery of Kate by E L Haverfield has gone live on Kindle.





Spirit Wings by Adrianne Fitzpatrick is now available in print and electronic format.The Handsome Hardcastles

Copies of The Handsome Hardcastles by E M Channon have arrived from the printer, and all pre-orders have been dispatched.

Destiny’s Revenge, the sequel to Destiny’s Rebel, by Philip S Davies, is in the final stages of checking before going to print. The book launch will take place in Oxford on 10 June 2017. All are welcome. The cover reveal is coming soon!

Emma Graham is working on the cover for Eleanor Watkins’ sequel to The Village, and it looks amazing!

I’m a little behind on responding to submissions at the moment, but I expect to get back to everyone by the end of next week.

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