Books to Treasure is a traditional, royalty-paying publisher specialising in children’s books, both old and new.

Adrianne Fitzpatrick

Adrianne Fitzpatrick

I have been working in the publishing industry – as writer, editor, proofreader, book and magazine designer, creative writing teacher (the list goes on) – for more than 20 years. It has been my privilege to work with many writers just starting their journeys and a joy to see so many of them realising their dreams. My own writer’s journey has resulted in the publication of many short stories, articles, poems, puzzles, and even several musicals. My first novel, Champion of the Chalet School, was published by Girls Gone By in 2014.

I have a passion for children’s literature, both old and new, and read as many children’s books as I do ‘age appropriate’ material. It is with some trepidation in this current economic climate that I’ve taken the step to becoming a publisher, but I firmly believe in the books thus far produced, and know that there is a wealth of material out there just waiting to find a home with Books to Treasure.